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Our witch hazel is a natural product that offers a range of benefits for postpartum care. One of its key uses is in a peri wash bottle, where it can provide relief from the stinging sensation caused by vaginal childbirth tearing and swelling. This makes it an essential item for new mothers who are looking for a gentle and effective solution to ease their discomfort.


The benefits of witch hazel extend beyond its soothing and cooling properties. It also possesses anti-bacterial properties, which can help prevent infections and promote healing in the delicate postpartum area. Additionally, witch hazel supports discomfort and itching, providing much-needed relief during the healing process. Its ability to reduce puffiness is particularly beneficial for reducing swelling in the perineal and anal areas, further aiding in the recovery process. With its natural formulation, our witch hazel is a safe and effective choice for mothers seeking a gentle and holistic approach to postpartum care.

Witch Hazel 30mls

  •  Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water (and) Alcohol (14% used as a natural preservative)

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