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The Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Giftbox offers a thoughtful collection of items to provide comfort and care during the journey of pregnancy and the postpartum period.


Inside the giftbox, you will find a 200ml Postpartum Padsicle Serum, specially formulated to soothe and heal sensitive areas. A 250gm Jar of Postpartum Bath Soak, designed to promote faster healing of the perineal area. The giftbox also includes a 15ml Postpartum Perineal Spray, which provides relief and freshness.


To enhance sleep quality, a Luxury Sleep Support Aromatherapy Wheatbag is included, offering a comforting and calming scent.

For a truly indulgent bathing experience, a Natural Bath Bomb, known for its relaxing and restorative properties, is included.

The giftbox also features a Mini 100ml Bath Soak, specifically created for growing mothers to nourish and pamper their bodies.

To address specific needs during labor, two Oil Droppers are included, one for labor uplift energy and the other for swollen feet. However, if you prefer different blends, we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Lastly, a mini dried floral posy adds a touch of beauty to the giftbox, with colors that may vary. This Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Giftbox is a perfect way to show your love and care for expecting and new mothers.


A beautifully curated box filled with handmade natural products to treat any mother. The box is a light nude colour with a subtle 'mother nature' inspired botanical print on the inside + rose gold details on the ribbon & box top "A little something just for you"

All giftboxes come filled with wood wool & a selection of gifts handmade in NZ. Box dimensions approx. 30cm width x 30cm length x12cm depth


This box includes:

- Postpartum padsicle serum 200ml
- 250gm Jar postpartum bath soak
- 15ml Postpartum perineal spray
- Luxury sleep support aromatherapy wheatbag
- Natural bath bomb/ Relax + restore
- Mini 100ml bath soak/ Growing Mama milk soak
- Wellness Rollers 10ml x2 / Labour uplift energy + swollen feet (or you can specify if you would like these swapped for different blends)
- A mini dried floral posy  (colours can vary)

Pregnancy + postpartum support giftbox


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