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A beautiful and thoughtful IVF hamper for a family member friend or colleague going through IVF treatments. 


IVF is undoubtedly a challenging journey full of huge emotions, anxiety, hope, heart stopping peaks, isolation and doubt. Let someone know they are in your thoughts and that you are wishing them well on their journey.



IVF Warrior

    • Botanical wheatbag with Special edition aromatherapy blend- Period type cramps and bloating are very normal during the period between their transfer and the pregnancy test, especially quite soon after an embryo transfer. A wheatbag provides them a gentle heat to help elleviate pain and promote relaxation. The addition of the aromatherapy blend enhances the relaxation and comfort by providing a calming scent to cuddle up to.
    • Bare self nutrious chocolate- Supports natural balance of hormones, calms the nervous system and provides relief of cramping and abdominal pain.
    • IVF warrior card " Sending positive vibes"
    • Adored Illustrations "A few words on Infertility" book- Having gone through the trials and tribulations of infertility herself, Jessica writes about the subject in a way that is both respectful and realistic whilst also giving the hope that people experiencing infertility crave. This raw and honest recount of infertility is a must have for any one experiencing the unknown. It documents infertility in a way not often seen, through poetry and prose, giving readers the knowledge that they are not alone and that above all, there is always hope.
    • IVF Milestone cards by Adored Illustrations
    • All packaged in a designer giftbox filled with wood wool and a petite dried floral posie.

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